Dear comrades-in-arms against the pathogens that cause colds,

Enclosed we send you the CVN Newsletter for the month of March 2020.

Dear friends..,

 it has been pointed out to me to moderate my military expression, since we are travelling for health. Otherwise I would have taken the liberty of writing: Dear comrades in arms against Corona, we are all very tired in this fight. Nevertheless we managed to collect and present some SARS-CoV-2 tests; with this we present data I haven’t found yet: Data from tests and the number of positive ones. This is great how we can use it to determine how many of the tested are positive!

The exhaustion seems to be expressed in the fact that the submitted numbers of our network are now lower than usual.  In the western part of the country and in Austria, the colleagues still managed to enter data. The total number of data is relatively small, 5778 entries for viruses, 1735 for bacteria. 14068 / 5778 are positive for at least one virus; 4/1735 entries were positive for one bacterium (3 mycoplasmas, 1 legionella – all from Cologne (!????) )

To the contents of the virus tests: Obviously, coronavirus has led in “side effect” to increased testing of respiratory viruses, especially influenza. The effect could already be observed in February. This increased testing was supported by the RKI. We can also confirm for the University of Cologne that the combined testing of coronavirus and influenza/RSV has led to the detection of many influenza and RSV that we would not have otherwise discovered. I see increased attention here, which we should support. After all, people do not want to have influenza and RSV in the clinic. In the report from March, the high number of MPV is striking. Cologne, Düsseldorf and Vienna seem to be “good” locations for MPV.

We would very much like to see more laboratories participating again, and we have applied for funds to support the connection electronically. Perhaps those interested can get in touch and tell us what their laboratory system looks like?

Best regards and

Corona Ahoy

Don’t let it get you down!

Also a message from Sindy Böttcher from RKI:

 “The number of tests carried out for SARS-CoV-2 are now also included in the weekly survey of the RKI on test numbers in Germany. In addition to the RespVir data, the data from an Internet-based query of the RKI (VOXCO), the Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance (ARS) and the query of a laboratory network are summarized. First results can be read in the Epidemiological Bulletin 15/2020 (, a weekly report appears every Wednesday in the RKI Management Report (

To ensure that this survey remains representative, we would like to ask you to contribute your results regularly and promptly, even if this represents an additional effort in the current situation.

Dear Greeting

Sindy Böttcher