Our current network figures on CORONA findings from 03.11.2020; 12:00

Today we would like to present you the current network figures on CORONA findings.
The last report of the CVN goes back three weeks and even in this time the Tred is clearly visible.
Below the rates of increase in comparison to the report from 15.10.2020 are listed.

These are the current figures from the Clinical Virology Net from 03.11.2020, 12:00 o’clock

Number of patients tested:1,059,592
Number of samples tested:1,060,654
Number of positive findings:29,005

In comparison to the figures of 15.10.2020 the following can be noted:

93.777patients tested 
93.566samples analyzed
  5.665positive findings


In comparison to the previous reporting period one can state 
that significantly fewer tests were recorded (a decrease of about 40%), but a sharp increase in positive findings 
(not quite a doubling) are documented. 
Were 2.13 % of the tests positive in the previous observation period, 
 Approximately 6% of the tested samples are currently a positive corona result.

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Stand 03.11.2020