Our current network figures on CORONA findings from 07.01.2021; at 12:30

The Clinical Virology Net team wishes you all a happy and healthy new year 2021.Due to the holidays and the turn of the year, the corona figures from the network have not been published in this form for four weeks. Here you get the current overview of the figures we have from the Clinical Virology Net evaluated on 07.01.2021, at 12:30:Below are the rates of increase compared to the report of 10/12/2020. 

Number of patients tested:1,634,790
Number of specimens tested:1,636,699
Number of positive findings:     78,592

 Compared to the figures from 10/12/2020, the following can be noted: 

182,829 more patients were tested and  
183,686  samples tested, with
  18,188positive findings.

Possibly due to the holidays, fewer tests have been performed, considering that we are looking at an interval of four weeks.Positive findings have increased noticeably with 9.95 % compared to the previous observation period. Supported by MEDEORA.DE 

Stand 07.01.2021