Our current network figures on CORONA findings from 03/05/2021; at 16:30

Today you will again receive an update on the latest figures from Clinical Virology Net, evaluated on 03/05/2021, at 16:30.Below the listing are the rates of increase compared to the report from 07.04.2021. 

Number of patients tested:2,326,240
Number of specimens tested:2,328,852
Number of positive findings: 151,447

Compared to the figures from 07/04/2021, the following can be noted:

127,789more patients were tested
127,679samples tested
  18.907 positive findings

In this reporting period, we have considered an interval of four weeks.At 14.8%, the number of positive findings has once again risen by a good three percent compared with the previous reporting period.Here, too, there is evidence of a further increase in the number of infections. Supported by MEDEORA.DE

Stand 03.05.2021