Our current network figures on CORONA findings as of 10/28/2021; 11:00 am.

Below are the latest numbers from the Clinical Virology Net, evaluated on 10/28/2021, at 11:00 AM.
As always, you will find the rates of increase from the previous report listed below the listing.

Results Captured:

Number of patients tested:3,195,281
Number of samples tested:3,199,201
Number of positive findings:218,986

     Compared to the figures of 06/09/2021, this observation period shows:

53,143 patients tested
53,158 samples tested
  4,806 positive findings

In this reporting period, an interval of two weeks was considered.
The positive findings have increased again slightly with 9.04% compared to the previous observation period.

In the period under review, free rapid tests were discontinued for all those wishing to be tested. It remains to be seen whether this will also have an impact on the data collected by the network.

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