Our current network figures on CORONA findings as of 11/25/2021; 14:30 am.

After four weeks you will again receive the latest figures from the CVN (https://clinical-virology.net/en).
On the homepage you can inform yourself daily about the developments in the network.

Below you will find the latest figures from the Clinical Virology Net, evaluated on 25.11.2021, at 14:30.
In addition, below the listing, the rates of increase compared to the previous observation period are shown.

Results Captured:

Number of patients tested:3,416,465
Number of samples tested:3,420,627
Number of positive findings:240,466

     Compared to the 10/28/2021 figures, this observation period shows:

221,184 patients tested
221,426 samples tested
  21,480 positive findings

An interval of four weeks was considered in this reporting period.
The positive findings increased again slightly with 9.7% compared to the previous observation period.

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